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Mar 17, 2013 12:00pm PDT
't have a budget, we could reach the debt ceiling again. >> i think congress will come to some sort of agreement next week before they take a two-week recess to keep on being the government. they will pass a continuing resolution this week. i don't think that's going to be a big issue. the question sort of moving forward is what is going to be the sounding the debt ceiling. part of the president's outreach to republicans is to remind them he has put on a table about $400 billion in cuts to medicare and medicaid as well as about $130 billion in a shift in the way we calculate federal benefits. i think the contours of a deal will come, if it does come at all, around the debt ceiling date and the months leading up to it. >> nancy, good to see you, and andy lowry, the economic policy reporter at the "new york times." >> paul ryan calls his budget the path to prosperity. mitt romney hoped it would be the path to the presidency, but that didn'twork out. ryan will not be deterred. >> i'm proud of our budget because it's changed the conversation. today, we're not talking about cliffs or cei
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Mar 17, 2013 1:00pm PDT
on the table, and to come together. they have about five months until july when the debt ceil comes up. if they don't do it by then they will never. >> he ignored paul ryan, chairman of the budget committee for four years and suddenly and magically he wants to meet with them. >> it is tough to get in your 600 and basketball. >> look if this president's attitude of let them eat cake, i go on my vacation, one presidential vacation, there are no cuts in his. just what can i do to hurt ordinary people? >> on doug's point once the approval of the president goes down it is hard to turn around, one way to turn it around is a comprehensive debt and spending deal that would revive the economy. >> what he is trying to do, if he doesn't get it because the problem for him now is people are saying, wait, this guy is playing us, and that will kill you as a president. >>gregg: conservatives hoping they have taken the first step to the white house with cpac holding a straw poll but will the winner be closer to 1600 pennsylvania avenue? our political insiders are here for that. [ kate ] many women may
Mar 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
together and got some sort of grand bargain in the budget process, does that avoid deadlines like the debt ceiling? does it get wrapped into there and deal with sequestration? >> that would be the idea. resolve the issues for the past several years. so the president would not have to do with it in the next couple of years. debating aing now continuing resolution which funds the government, keep the government running, what is the difference between that and what russell was talking about? >> we have not had budgets. we of been running on the stopgap system of confrontations every six months between democrats and republicans over the so-called continuing resolutions which keep the government running. over the past two years we have seen this circus of arguments between the two sides over extracting additional spending cuts in exchange for continuing resolutions. the one interesting thing i saw from the congressman is a looks like maybe we will see an end to that, and maybe the house will be able to except with the senate has done in their continuing resolution which both sides are just conc
Mar 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
to a few days. that's why in january they postponed the debt ceiling deadline by three months. because they want to create another crisis that's why we have the -- >> right. here is the question. progressives -- the argument -- trying to tease out here a progressive argument -- >> the gang of 32 says we don't like kicking the can down the road more than you do. the tooth is the republicans and democrats and gang of 32 have very different ideas of how to solve the problem. we did agree on a corset of five principles. and that is a basis to make a decision. and it takes into account the political risks people will take of primaries on both left and right. mine, folks are taking a risk by doing this. what we are asking is that folks who are higher up in the ranks than those of us that are freshmen be willing to join us by taking those risks. >> i will give you the progressive argument and republican argument for a grand bargain which is that all of america has tuned this argument out completely. right? nobody knows the details of the various budgets. they only see -- >> aglen which is why
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4